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Pic Michael Axelman, PhD
"Your stuff is incredible... your lessons give me power, energy, and improved posture and improved my jiu jitsu and surfing, while the balm has taken away my aches and pains from my sport. It helped with my wrinkles (well, some of the wrinkles....) and healed the cracks on my feet and hands although nothing else would do it.... thanks again!!! " ... Al Cintra-Leite
"Thank you for the email. It was great meeting you at the PGA Fall Expo. I tried the Balm, (I have tennis elbow). It worked in minutes and I still have less pain in my elbow. Thanks again." ... Michael Anderson
"This is my Marshal Arts Shaolin master, Greg Yau. His mandelas and balm are incredibly effective and defy science. They both use forces beyond that contemplated by state of the art science." ... Butch Salazar

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I have been using Grand Master Yau’s ancient Dit’Da Balm for over 2 years and it has worked wonderfully for me.

Greg understands what is needed to make my body healthy. He is always ready to share his expertise and knowledge, give his ideas on what I need, and to make me feel positive. He is caring in his thoughts, willing to share and always compassionate. He has taken my fears away while energizing my soul. I consider him as "The Best of the Best". He never steers me wrong, is always upbeat and most importantly, always cares." ...
Steve B.
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"Hi, I'm Wauriman Borges, and I use GrandmasterMaster Greg Yau's Dit Da balm before I train to help loosen me up and give me extra strength, and after fights to help heal my injuries. it is amazing stuff, and Greg's training system really helps me get an edge in fights and competitions"

Wauriman Borges

Wauriman Borges
Heavyweight Black Belt Competitor
"My husband’s rotator cuff and tennis elbow problem disappeared after using Herbal Chi Balm for two weeks. He had a year and a half of physical therapy, and it was still bothering him! So he had to admit that your stuff really works! "

J. Peggy Adeboi

J. Peggy Adeboi - Ph.D.
Michael Axelman, Ph.D.
The herbal balm invigorates the core muscles and related tendons immediately upon application, and has permitted me to dramatically condense my workouts. My strength and flexibility has significantly increased in the past six months. I have also felt more centered, grounded and focused. Greg's balm and integrated D.A.R.E. system strengthens muscles, facilitates energy (chi) flow, and assists with aligning one's mind with one's higher self and purpose.

Michael Axelman, Ph.D.
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As a B2B consultant and B2C coach in the health and wellness industry, I have quite a bit of exposure to a plethora of products that claim to aide in the reduction of aches and pains. I've found several that are based on Asian principles that work, but none like Herbal Chi Balm that works so quickly to eliminate inflammation at the cellular level.

Lisa Rogerson - Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Lisa Rogerson -
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
"I worked as a Longshoreman for 45 years pulling lines that tied down the ships at the dock. Before I used the balm I could not open my hands during the bitter cold during the winter. The balm helped my hands instantly and the pain started to diminish. Now I feel almost 100%.I also lost 10 pounds using the Chi Balm. I didn't do anything different diet or exercises. This is the first time I have been under 200 lbs in over 20 years. I will be 68 years young next month." ... Joe Diaz

Joe Diaz - Longshoreman

"As a professional athlete, the rigors of training can take its toll on the body. Muscle aches, stiffness, and soreness are common place. I have found Herbal Chi Balm to be extremely effective in relieving these discomforts, and very beneficial for training when used prior to my warm ups and later when I cool down"

Patrick Johnson - 9.93 - 100 m
Patrick Johnson
World Class Sprinter - Australian Record Holder 100m
"I apply Herbal Chi Balm to key acupuncture points. This immediately adds energy to my body, improves my focus, and lessens the sting of my opponents punches. It has become an essential part of my workout, and I always carry some in my equipment bag"

Grandmaster Jody Perry
Grandmaster Jody Perry
Former Sambo World Champion, 12x Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards
“I tried it on my sore neck and back, and the pain went away, leaving me with a relaxed, warm, calm feeling in my muscles. I’m going to use it next time I get a massage too!”

Marina Anderson
Flying Goddess Jewelry
Marina Anderson - Actress, Producer, Writer
Ex-wife of Kung-Fu Icon David Carradine
“It is a great pain reliever, and I rub it on my sore arm and leg muscles after full day of workouts”

Dr Faith Leuschen Chiropractor
"Similar to Martial Artists before combat, the players apply the Chi Balm to help diminish the pain after hard contact on the field. For fast pain relief of minor injuries, nothing works faster. Now we use the Herbal Chi balm during pre-workouts and post-game"

Darius Pickens
"Master Yau's holistic balm blends the ancient knowledge and healing arts of traditional Eastern medicine combined with modern day science to provide a simple, elegant method to self awareness, rejuvenation, and wellness.

Darius Pickens
Semi-Pro Football Coach
Marie Ribeiro, MD - Pediatrician
We have many more testimonials about Herbal Chi Balm and many more coming from professional athletes, weekend warriors, and consumers alike. Herbal Chi Balm is the best pain reliever and sports training cream on the market today. We are proud to be able to help athletes and consumers improve their lives, performance, and end their pain....

Sun Born Natural Products Company
Marie Ribeiro, MD
Tony "The Tiger" Lopez -
3x Lightweight World Champion
- Hall of Fame Boxer
"For the last few month's my elbow has been bothering me when I punch the bag. I used the balm and now it doesn't hurt anymore. I am not kidding, this stuff really works”

Tony Lopez
Dr Faith Leuschen - DC
Master Trainer NRCT™
"Get The Stuff"
Vince Singletary
Natural Body Builder,
Trainer, Competitor
Home of Herbal Chi Balm
"Training in my sport is very demanding. I use Herbal Chi Balm before my workouts for extra power, and afterwards for relief of my soreness. It works better than anything else I have tried"

Vince Singletary
100% Natural pain relief & energizer
Sun Born Natural Products Co.
Gus Lopez
National Managing Director - Football Officials of America (FOA)

"This Stuff works, you got to try it. Before each game I put the Herbal Chi balm on my shoulders and the Herbal Ice Balm on my knees. After 15 years of officiating I have had my bumps and bruises. Long periods of standing on my feet during the game use to cause my knees to ache, but using this stuff before each game has made a big difference".

Gus Lopez

"Official Sponsor"
Football Officials of America