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Stand straight, bring your belly button back toward the spine, then draw up your abdominal muscles upward toward the rib cage in the direction of the arrows.
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Free Quantum Matrix Training Lesson

1) Mind on Spine. Bring the Belly Button Back (towards the spine) and Draw Up, raising the abdominal core muscles upward toward the ribs while inhaling deeply through your nose. Hold your breath for a count of six, while maintaining this position with abs tight.

2) Stay in position with abs tight, release your breath through your mouth, hold for a count of six.

3) Repeat several times. Remember to keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout the lesson.

Deep breathing is essential for increasing vitality and reducing stress.

Poor posture does not allow the body to get enough oxygen, causing fatigue, and poor mental focus. This easy exercise can do wonders to improve your health. It will cause the diaphram to work more efficiently, forcing more oxygen into the lungs. Eventually, through consistant practice, the body will assume proper posture and breathing automatically.

Use Herbal Chi Balm to further increase the effects.
Rub the balm across the top of your chest, and on the center of the stomach. Practice the above exercise. You will notice an increase in energy, and a feeling of well being.

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Posture and Breathing Lesson - Quantum Matrix Training Technique (QMT)
Advanced Tip: When you do this lesson gently breathe deep into your heart, exhale, and then gently breathe into your mind. Alternate on each breath. Remember to keep your ab muscles tight during the whole lesson
(Complete Quantum Matrix Training is coming to this site soon - Check back)
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