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Herbal Chi Balm is a discovery made by Kung Fu Grandmaster Greg Yau. It is based on an ancient formula coupled with 21st century technology. It brings natural holistic pain relief of sore muscles, arthritis pain, joint pain, and stiffness due to strenuous activity. It is very effective for recovery from sport injuries. Athletes use it prior to warm up and later during cool down to gain strength and get faster recovery. It is applied to the torso and body to create a "body armor" to lessen the impact pain of hard contact in sports such as football and martial arts.

We know people are skeptical because they have tried so many things and none have worked effectively. We assure you that Herbal Chi Balm is better than anything else you have tried before. In fact, it works so well that it has shocked people who had practically given up on finding some natural
pain relief. This is not just a bunch of herbs concocted into a topical cream, but is based on quantum physics, acting on the cells to release trapped energy, effectively causing pain relief and energizing the body.

The body is a complicated structure. As science advances, new discoveries are being made concerning the body's natural "intrinsic energy" and its affects on our health. More and more new evidence is being gathered to prove that such energy exists. For example, advanced scientific devices can now measure once undetectable magnetic fields associated with the cells electrical fields. As these types of studies continue, Western medicine is slowly discovering what Eastern medicine has known for thousands of years, that optimum health is obtained when these energy fields are aligned in perfect harmony.

A good example is found in acupuncture. Acupuncture works by causing blocked energy to flow normally again. It wasn't many years ago that acupuncture treatment was completely unaccepted by the American Medical Association. Now its benefits are undeniable.

Herbal Chi Balm works on these same principals. It has a restoring effect on the body's natural energy matrix.

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Basic Principals
21st Century Technology
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"When I am feeling low energy, and need a lift before teaching my students, I apply Herbal Chi Balm to key acupuncture points. This immediately adds energy to my body, and lessens the sting of my opponents punches. It has become an essential part of my workout, and I always carry some in my equipment bag"
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Grandmaster Jody Perry
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Former World Champion, and eight time gold medal holder, Sambo World Team coach in 1998. He also holds national titles in Judo, Freestyle, and Greco Roman Wrestling. He holds blackbelts in Judo, Panjitsu, Aikido, Sambo and is a Sifu in Wing Chun.

Grandmaster Perry has received 12 Hall of Fame awards from 8 separate martial arts associations. He is the founder of the officially recognized martial arts style Perry's Full Circle (PFC), and taught self defense at Sonoma State University, in Northern California.
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How Herbal Chi Balm works

By Kung Fu Master Greg Yau
"The way we make our formulas is the combination of the entire formula, and the way it is prepared. It is not the traditional way Chinese herbs are prepared. We have discovered a new way to prepare herbs in such a way that no other herbal formula has been able to do what ours does."

Our formulas bring the hidden yin, or intrinsic energy, from the inner most aspect of our cells and bring it to the surface of the body.
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