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Herbal Chi Balm - All Natural Topical Cream
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Pro Athletes & Weekend Warriors:
Before working out: Rub Herbal Chi Balm on joints, and/or major muscle groups during training to gain strength, improve flexibility, to add endurance, and Gain an Edge in your sport. Herbal Chi Balm is designed to activate the natural "intrinsic" energy or "Chi" that naturally flows through the body. You will feel the difference.

After working out: Use herbal Chi Balm during cool down for quick recovery, for soreness and/or injury, and to create a feeling of well being.

Stop Pain

Gain Endurance,

Strength, Flexibility

Increase Performance

Pro Athletes:
No Banned Substances
No Negative Testing

List of Banned Substances for Athletes in Professional Sports.
Herbal Chi Balm is based on quantum physics, acting on the cells to release trapped energy, effectively causing pain relief and energizing the body. Commercial "hot/cold" topical pain relievers don't act on the source of the pain. They merely create a feeling of hot or cold when applied to the body. It's thought that this distraction from the sensation of pain is what provides temporary pain relief. According to Oxford biochemist Andrew Moore, who lead a comprehensive review of all studies on the topic, over the counter sports creams containing salicylates as the main active ingredient are not effective and are, in fact, a waste of money. In reality, commercial "hot/cold" topical products only mask the problem, without any real healing actually taking place. Additionally, salicylates, and other chemicals in commercial topical products are dangerous and absorb into the body, and can cause severe side effects. Read full story - Click Here

Herbal Chi Balm is a combination of a thousand year old Shaolin formula combined with modern day physics, creating a very powerful, one of a kind product. The original Chi Balm formula was handed down by an ancient Kung Fu family, from teacher to student, for generations. The special proprietary process, only known to a few, is the secret behind its strength.

The enhanced Herbal Chi Balm formula was discovered by Kung Fu Grandmaster Greg Yau, who has spent years teaching people how to heal and internally balance their bodies.

"Get The Stuff"
Safe Powerful Natural Pain Relief for Everyone
Home of Herbal Chi Balm
Recommended by Doctors
100% Natural Pain Relief & Energizer
Energize Your Body - For Athletes & Consumers Alike
Herbal Chi Balm Ingredients
Ancient Science + 21st Century Technology
Herbal Chi Balm is 100% natural and contains a combination of 20 hot and cold Chinese healing herbs, lavender oil, in a 100% unrefined, pure organic Shea Butter base. Prepared by a proprietary method, Herbal Chi Balm is formulated using a receipe from the Shaolin Temples dating back over 1000 years. Ancient science and 21st technology involving quantum physics were combined to further enhance the herbs properties, creating a extremely powerful product that people say "defies science".
Herbal Chi Balm
Exclusively Distributed by:
Sun Born Natural Products Co, Sacramento, & Grass Valley, CA

Powerful Natural Pain Relief & Body Energizer
The 100% natural raw unfiltered organic Shea Butter base used in Herbal Chi Balm is an amazing product on its own. Blending the special herbs in Herbal Chi Balm with the unique properties of the Shea Butter base, created a powerful formula, and was a perfect match. To learn more about Shea Butter click here
Professional Endorsers That Use Herbal Chi Balm
What is Shea Butter?
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Trainer applying Herbal Chi Balm to injured Lineman
Eliminate Pain - Back, Neck, Knees, Joints, Arthritis, Muscles, Tendons - Get Relief!
Posture & Breathing Lesson
There are many ways to use Herbal Chi Balm
Herbal Chi Balm is all natural.

Herbal Chi Balm does not have any harsh chemicals, animal products, preservatives, or banned substances.
Read the testimonials! Herbal Chi Balm has stopped pain in people who thought there was no hope for any relief. Does it happen instantly? In many cases it does, in others it may take a day, or in very severe cases, more time is needed. What we have found in nearly every case, is the pain was greatly reduced or the problem completety healed over time. Use it until you reap results.
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Sun Born Natural Products is dedicated to creating awareness in people about the dangers of using commercial creams, and lotions for pain relief that have unnatural, harmful substances in their ingredients.
Grandmaster Greg Yau talks to CNN Headline News Anchor
Tracy Young about Shaolin and Herbal Chi Balm
Danger - Read the Label
Read the ingredients on name brand pain relief creams. You'll see methyl salicylate, propyl, ethyl parabens, butyl, and other harsh chemicals. Nearly all name brand pain relievers contain dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are absorbed by the body. The side affects can be severe, such as; low blood sugar, infertility, pulmonary edema, altered mental states, and breast cancer, just to name a few. It is shocking that so many are unaware of these dangers.
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Pain Relief Anywhere on the Body
Arthritis Relief
Sore Muscles & Stiffness
Sports Training-Before & After Workouts
Cuts, Scrapes

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Reduce Fine Lines &Wrinkles
Dry Flaky Skin
Soothing Massage
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